Meet Soraya

Soraya is a New Jersey native and one of the most sought-after performers of middle-eastern belly dancing known around the world. Her internationally acclaimed act has been captivating audiences and inspiring fans across the globe for many years. Soraya is also known for as an incredible event planner of gorgeous and unforgettable “Arabian Night” theme parties and concerts. Stay up to date with Soraya and her latest news, events, schedule, DVD releases and more!

Belly Dancing & More

Not only is Soraya an unforgettable Middle Eastern Dancer with gorgeous costumes that will dazzle your guests and rock your dance floor and stage like no other, she is actually of Middle Eastern heritage. You will experience the very best in theatrical, family friendly and upscale Raks Sharki, Egyptian, Lebanese and Moroccan belly dancing.

Soraya is also an avid Event Planner, show producer, casino special event architect and ethnic Wedding Designer. Academically, she is an Cultural Anthropologist, lecturer and educator with an emphasis in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean studies from Stockton University.

Remember, you only have ONE CHANCE to impress, treat your guests to the very best and have everyone talking for years to come!