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Internationally Acclaimed Belly Dancer & Professional Event Planning

Internationally Acclaimed Belly Dancer

This prolific young star of Belly Dance is U.S. born of Middle Eastern heritage and has been dancing since the age of five with her family at countless celebrations, etc. Since then she has continued to mesmerize audiences with her innovative and breathtaking performances. Her art has taken her all over the United States and abroad. Soraya has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, concert stadiums and casino showrooms. She covers the East & West coasts dancing in upscale shows and concerts, black tie affairs, international-cultural events, Hollywood entertainment industry parties, promotional events, large corporate “Arabian Nights” theme parties, high-end international show tours, special events and top Arabic dance “showcases” She also performs in company trade shows and conventions, colleges and universities, select art museums, casino showrooms for audiences of thousands, elegant Arabic weddings, etc. Soraya’s exotic beauty is only matched by the hypnotic mystery of her incredible dance performances. This glamorous international entertainer has successfully changed the image of belly dance into a respected art form.

Soraya Internationally Acclaimed Belly Dancer

Professional Event Planner

Soraya is not only a Professional Middle Eastern dance performer, but also a successful business woman. She operates and runs ‘Soraya’s Mid-East Dance & Music Productions’ which is a large scale, one-stop event planning of Middle Eastern oriented entertainment. Soraya’s expertise is event planning, show designing, Arab concert promoting, wedding entertainment specialist and Arabian Night party planner. She specializes in “Arabian Night” theme parties and concerts, corporate theme parties, weddings and concert productions, and high-end Event Planning at all of the Atlantic City Casinos.

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